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I'm currently working on a graphic novel called Half-Real. It's about two friends named April and Sam. April has an unusually mathematical mind that allows her to design things so precisely they become half-real. Sam also has an unusual ability. His imagination is so strong he can make the half-real real. Together they build a fantastical world called Echo. But betrayal will break up their friendship and threaten their world.


The Baleful Encyclopedia

I'm working on a Middle Grade novel called the Baleful Encyclopedia. In this story the three Hadamard children, Mitzi, Archibald, and Terrence, travel to a magical city in the midst of a civil war. To guide them through this unfamiliar landscape they have only an old encyclopedia. As the Hadamards soon discover, the encyclopedia is not only unreliable, it's also grumpy, spiteful, and vindictive. They will have to win over the irrascible old book if they want to survive.