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I'm currently working on a graphic novel called Half-Real. It's about two friends named April and Sam. April has an unusually mathematical mind that allows her to design things so precisely they become half-real. Sam also has an unusual ability. His imagination is so strong he can make the half-real real. Together they build a fantastical world called Echo. But betrayal will break up their friendship and threaten their world.

Book One: Imagifex

April and Sam meet in the hospital on the day they're born and become friends. Years later, they have forgotten their original encounter, but they both feel that something is missing from their lives.

One day, without knowing why, April blows a kiss to a passing breeze. This breeze, like all winds, has travelled between the worlds, and knows that April and Sam will one day be the rulers of a fantastic land called Echo.

The breeze delivers the kiss to Sam, who sets off to find his missing friend, though he can't remember anything about her. But instead of April, Sam meets a band of half-real wanderers led by the half-real magician, Jodicus Krem. Krem thinks Sam can help him become entirely real again.

Krem explains that Sam is an Imagifex. His imagination is so strong that he can take something half real and bring it the rest of the way to reality. Sam agrees to help him in exchange for help finding his missing friend.

April meanwhile has distracted herself with her dream of being an inventor. She longs to craft machines that can change the world. But her mother believes she's too young for batteries and wires. So April can only create her devices on paper.

April is surprised when a boat she designed and never built appears in her bedroom. That's when Sam shows up, claiming he can make all her inventions real.

April and Sam climb aboard the boat, which they name the Ziroo. As they sail, they create the world of Echo, where music boxes fly like finches, clouds walk on stilts, and buildings sing to each other in the evening like crickets. Finally, they build bridges to the everyday world and invite Sam's half-real friends to come to Echo.

But someone crosses who was never invited: Jodicus Krem. Upset that Sam hasn't fulfilled his part of the bargain, Krem goes into hiding in the dark corners of Echo and begins to turn the world against its makers.

Book Two: Krem

Jodicus Krem has convinced many of the Echovians that he is their rightful ruler. From these he recruits an army to conquer Echo.

With the help of a brave minstrel named Cantica Flora, April and Sam scrape together a force to oppose him. But while Sam is on the battlefield, Krem visits April. He shows her fabricated evidence that Sam is trying to take over Echo for himself.

When the two friends meet again, they argue, and as their friendship falters, Echo begins to come apart at the seams. Fleeing the world they created, April and Sam find different paths home, each crossing a different bridge just before it crumbles. They both believe that Echo has been destroyed and that even if some part of it has survived, they will never be able to reach it.

In fact, the magician and his followers have managed to preserve most of Echo and have even kept one of the bridges intact. Krem is now the undisputed ruler, but without the imagination of April and Sam, his kingdom begins to fade. But Krem has a plan to save it. And so a band of thieves prepares to cross the one remaining bridge.

Book Three: Dark Echo

Years later, Sam's daughter, Avocet, is a goth girl with piercings and attitude. She has nothing but contempt for her father, a failed poet bouncing between dead-end jobs. Still, when he disappears, she figures she better play detective and go looking for him. She finds a business card on his desk and is soon sitting in the office of April Vorn, architect.

April tells Avocet that she and her father created an imaginary world called Echo when they were kids. Then, a few days ago, Sam showed up in her office claiming that Echo was real and that its king, Jodicus Krem, was stealing the reality from the everyday world to keep Echo alive.

Avocet is convinced that her dad has lost his marbles. But then, following a clue April gives her, she finds a secret door and learns, to her surprise, that Echo is very real. But it's nothing like the world April and her father created. Echo has turned dark.

After many adventures, Avocet meets her father's old friend, Cantica Flora, who tells her that Sam is a prisoner in a remote stronghold called Dryasdust Tower. The two of them form a plan to rescue him. But they are betrayed. Cantica is captured and Avocet flees.

On the bridge between the worlds, Avocet finds herself surrounded. In desperation she jumps into the waves and is swept away. Wandering the desolate shore of Dark Echo, she comes across the Ziroo, the ship April and Sam journeyed in so many years before.

Avocet sails into April's bedroom and convinces her that Echo is real. Together they travel to Dark Echo and rescue Sam. That's when the hard part begins. The three of them must reconcile their differences and work together to defeat Krem and restore Echo.