900 Monkeys: The Website of Bryn Kanar


A Game of Strategy for 2 or 4 Players

Build paths through a 5X5X5 lattice using strategy, skill, and teamwork. Out-think and out-maneuver your opponents. Solve puzzles. Overcome obstacles.

Squirrelmark RPG

Defenders of the Forest

Squirrelmark, the land of the Squirrels, is in danger. In this role-playing game you'll play either a squirrel, badger, beaver, or weasel and defend the forest against its enemies, either with magic or with a sword. Note that the Game system is meant to be printed double-sided while the Player Pack is meant to be printed single-sided.

Blue Rhino

A Game of Strategy for 2-6 Players

Trade animals with other players. Be the first to match all your cards. The best card to have is the wild card, the Blue Rhino, that can match any other kind of card.


A Game of Strategy for 2-6 Players

In circlecircle the first player to collect one of each kind of shape wins. But some shapes are rarer than others. And the rarest of all is the the elusive circlecircle.


A Game of Strategy for Three Players

Kenté is a game of alliances quickly made and quickly broken. With each play you must decide which of your two opponents to help. Since each piece has two colors, each play helps out two players. For this reason, games are often close, and a player who seems to have little chance can come from behind and win big.