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Roger Ambleton and the Rock of Evil

Roger Ambleton, Book One

This is a book I wrote with my two boys, Max and Spencer. Max came up with the story based on a dream he had. The three of us acted out each chapter together. Then I wrote it all down, added illustrations, and published it. The story is about a normal boy named Roger Ambleton who has to stop an evil rock from turning everyone in the world to stone.

Mr. Whiskers, Master of the Universe

Mr. Whiskers Number One

Annabelle’s cat, Mr. Whiskers, is no ordinary cat. He’s actually the Master of the Universe. Born 13.8 billion years ago, he made the universe out of Dimensions, Particles, and Forces, and he’s been watching it unfold ever since. In this first book of the series, you'll see how Mr. Whiskers got the universe off to a good start with the Big Bang.

Boatman Brave

One Boy's Quest to Make Magic Come to Life

Boatman Brave is happy living in the castle with his best friend, Prince Filiando. But then he learns that he’s not real. He was created out of magic to keep the prince company. So begins Boatman’s quest to become something more than a magic spell.

The Treasure Seekers

By Edith Nesbit with New Illustrations by Bryn Kanar

The Treasure Seekers is a wonderful book by Edith Nesbit. It follows the adventures of the Bastable children as they attempt to 'restore the fortunes of the House of Bastable.' This edition includes new illustrations that I created.


The Story of a Pigeon and the Dark Magic he must Confront

In Sigmund Stern Grove in the heart of San Francisco, an owl has awakened an ancient magic. Soon he will gain power over all the flocks. And the only bird who can stop him is Owen Stormfeather, a high-flying pigeon from Sausalito. But will Owen's strong wings be a match for the Owl King's subtle magic?

The Feast of Fools

A Mystery Novel set in the Late Roman Empire

It's the fifth century AD and the Roman Empire is crumbling. Barbarians threaten every border. And the young emperor's ministers are too busy squabbling amongst themselves to be of much help. When one of them is found murdered, the entire Roman world teeters on the verge of destruction.

Black Heart, Ivory Bones

Edited by Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling

My story Dreaming Among Men appeared in this anthology of modern fairy tales. In the story, a fellow by the name of Palinuro receives a letter from a brother he believes to be dead. It's an invitation to a birthday party. Will Palinuro decide to go to the party, and what will he find if he does?